Chocolate Olivers
Rich, Dark Chocolate
Generously Enrobed
Around a Crisp
Slow-baked Biscuit

We Love Chocolate Olivers. The British call them biscuits; We Americans call them the most delicious, deluxe chocolate covered cookie in the world. A delicate, slow-baked cookie, made with a hint of hops and malt, is surrounded with a thick layer of luxurious dark chocolate. The combination is absolutely irresistible. Made in Great Britain, Chocolate Olivers are difficult to find in the States, but we assure you, they are well worth the search.

john lennon John Lennon once famously requested payment for a TV appearance in Chocolate Olivers instead of British pounds!

The history of the Chocolate Oliver is shrouded in mystery, but we have been able to glean a few facts about the development of our favorite cookie:

The original plain biscuit at the heart of the modern Chocolate Oliver was invented by Dr. William Oliver (1695-1764), a physician who offered medical treatments at his exclusive Spa in Bath, England. Dr. Oliver first developed the Bath Bun, a rich, sweet bun which had the negative side effect of causing his spa patients to gain weight. He modified the original recipe and developed the plainer and less caloric (but still delicious) Bath Oliver Biscuit. Dr. Oliver ultimately willed his secret recipe for the biscuits to his coachman, Atkins, who set up a baking business and became a wealthy man on the strength of that recipe.

The recipe has passed through several changes of ownership over the course of nearly two centuries but the original plain biscuits are still being made to this day.

Dr. Oliver
Dr. Oliver

the tin
14 biscuits
in a 200 gram tin
The brilliant melding of gourmet dark chocolate with Bath Oliver Biscuits occurred in the 1930s, and the Chocolate Oliver was born.

The search for the elusive Chocolate Olivers became impossible in the 1990s, when the manufacturers Huntley and Palmers went out of business. The company was resurrected in 2006 and limited production of Chocolate Olivers began once again. The modern-day Chocolate Oliver is even more mouth-watering than the original, thanks to the decision to make the biscuit smaller and the rich, bittersweet chocolate coating thicker.

We've enjoyed chocolates and cookies from around the world, but none have come closer to sweet perfection than the Chocolate Oliver. It is a luxury dessert with a luxury price tag, but in our opinion it is an indulgence worth the price.

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